We’re rushing the use of psychedelics as medicine, researchers say


Colorado has become the second US state to legalise psychedelic drugs for medicinal uses, but psychedelics research lags far behind studies on other drugs


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7 December 2022

Dried psilocybin mushrooms on a in purple tinted very peri, variety psilocybe cubensis rasta white. Microdosing, psychedelic trip, recreation and change of consciousness

Dried psilocybin mushrooms

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In November, Colorado became the second US state after Oregon to legalise the medical use of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms. The measure legalising the drug takes effect in 2024 and also establishes a process to potentially legalise other plant- and fungi-based psychedelic drugs for therapeutic use in 2026. It also decriminalises the recreational use of all these drugs except for peyote.

This law is part of a growing push to make psychedelic drugs more accessible. Since 2019, 25 states have considered bills that …


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