Joe Biden Renews Call for Assault Weapons Ban (VIDEO)


Joe Biden Wednesday evening delivered remarks at the 10th annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence at a church in DC.

Biden renewed his call for the federal government to ban so-called ‘assault weapons.’

Biden said it is “commonsense” to ban assault weapons and ban high-capacity magazines.

“Remember, in the 90s we did it,” Biden said.

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“Scripture says, ‘The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it,’” Biden said. “All of you here tonight, you are the light. You are literally the light. And your loved ones, and your friends, they’re the light.”

“How many of you ask yourself, ‘What would my son or daughter want me to do at this moment?’” Biden said. “They’re in your heart, they’re part of you, they’re always going to be with you.”

“We ask God,” Biden said, “give us the strength to finish the work left undone, and on behalf of the lives we’ve lost and all the lives we can save.”


Partial transcript courtesy of ABC News.


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