Another Way to Earn Passively?


As a crypto trader or holder, you sell when the market rises in value and hold your coin when it is unfavorable. Right?

Yes! But the “buying and selling” of cryptocurrency is not the only way to make a fortune with your crypto asset.

iTrustCapital Staking is another big way to earn passively in the crypto space. In this article, you’ll learn everything about ” iTrustCapital staking” and how you can get started today.

Let’s begin right away.

What is Cryptocurrency Staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is a process of locking your crypto asset for a period and getting a reward in return. Many operations happen now and then on the blockchain; staking your crypto means that you help the operations.

Although you cannot see what happens within the period of “staking,” provided you trusted the blockchain with your assets by “staking them,” you get rewarded.

Based on this explanation, you can picture staking as a method applied in traditional banks where “banks take your money and use it for investment, and you get “interest” on the principal money.”

However, crypto assets are applicable in this case, not traditional money. And also, for staking to work, there is a need for “validation.” “Proof of stake” is how cryptocurrencies/blockchains validate a transaction.

Validators are the only ones who can validate a transaction using crypto “validator nodes.” Individuals who are not validators can engage in staking (through a validator’s assistance), which is the purpose of this article.

The good news is that you do not need to become a validator to earn passively from staking. All you need is your crypto assets and a crypto service provider. However, a “pool of crypto assets” is required for staking, which an individual cannot always have in stock.

For this reason, individuals delegate their cryptocurrencies called “pool,” and either validator or staking service provider uses the pool in staking for profits. Every party shares the profits accordingly.

Again, validators or staking service providers are the “medium channel” that connects you and the staking platform. And this is where you may need iTrustCapital staking!
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What is iTrustCapital staking?

iTrustCapital is a cryptocurrency investment service provider. It is among the leading digital asset IRA platforms focusing on investment services.

However, the company does not engage in exchange, funding portals, or act as a broker-dealer. You can read through our iTrustCapital review and see what they bring to the table.

Again, staking is an investment, and all investment comes with a risk. For this reason, it is better to understand the risks, profits, and principles involved in staking your crypto assets.

iTrustCapital Staking provides all the necessary things to stake on the platforms. First, you must agree to the “terms and conditions” and have the supported token to start.

Not all tokens are supported; you can verify this from your iTrustCapital dashboard. You’ll need to get the application to continue with the iTrustCapital staking option. Let’s see how iTrustCapital staking works before discussing how you use it.

How Does iTrustCapital Staking Work?

As mentioned above, iTrustCapital is the medium of staking on blockchains because staking pools exist for certain crypto assets, and iTrustcapital acts as your staking “pool.”

As you can deduce, iTrustCapital is your validator and serves as your staking service provider via its iTrustCapital staking. Staking with the company means you know all about staking and are ready to undertake the investment procedure.

You should know the risks, profits, and principles of staking: firstly, many people delegate their assets as pools, and the validator uses the pool to attempt to validate a block on the proof-of-stake blockchain. Secondly, “block” is the main target, and the action is “to validate this block.”

Remember that your assets are locked when you decide to stake them. Once they are locked, the validator moves on to validate a “block” using the delegated coins called the pool. If the block is successfully validated, the reward is shared.

Otherwise, the investment will fully or partially swallow the stake (crypto assets). Now that you know the risks, rewards, and principles of staking. Let’s consider how iTrustCapital staking works.

How Do You Stake with iTrustCapital?

Staking with iTrustCapital is simple; you only need to open an iTrustCapital account on the app. You must enroll on the application during the “enrollment period.” You can verify this through your iTrustCapital dashboard.

The next thing is to agree to the staking “terms and conditions.” Next, select the token and amount you wish to stake.

Lastly, You will receive a notification after 90 days: the staking period. The notification will include the result of your staking.


Investment is a risk but sounds more like a great approach when it’s profitable. Any investment is worth it if you know what it takes and how to invest.

iTrustCapital staking is another way to make money passively; however, you may have to balance the “risks, profits, and principles.”

Whether you invest or not, it’s in you, but who knows if you’d make a fortune after 90 days of the staking period? No one knows because it’s all investment.

Again, the iTrustCapital app is a click away; you may try it today! Good luck with your decision.

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