CWT Promotes Pelant as Three Execs Plan Departure

CWT has promoted two executive team members as three other announced their departure in the coming months, part of what president and CEO Patrick Andersen called a “realigned executive leadership team structure” for the travel management company.

Chief technology officer John Pelant on April 1 will become CWT’s chief experience and technology officer, taking over the responsibilities of EVP and chief experience officer Derek Sharp. Sharp is leaving CWT “to pursue new career opportunities,” as is EVP and chief growth officer Belinda Hindmarsh, according to CWT. Hindmarsh’s responsibilities will be integrated into other functions, CWT said.

CWT also has named SVP of corporate finance Jim Shepherd as its new CFO. Current CFO Judy Hendrick is retiring on July 1, and Shepherd will begin serving as deputy CFO alongside Hendrick on April 1, taking over the position fully upon her retirement.

Andersen in a statement said the new leadership team structure “better supports our strategic priorities and underscores CWT’s ability to develop outstanding talent with the right skills to transform our organization.” 

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