F1 star Sebastian Vettel becomes the lead investor in BACX, plant-based performance energy drink

BACX, the performance energy drink startup, has announced a £1.2m seed funding round, led by four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel, who retired from F1 last year, exclusively used BACX in fitness training and in the car during the 2022 season, when racing for Aston Martin. Following his experience of using the products, and an alignment over sustainability undertakings and vision of the brand, he also joins BACX as its global brand advocate.

BACX was founded by Jason Baits-Tomlin in 2020 to create a higher performing and healthier energy and rehydration alternative, for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

BACX’s first product is Performance Fuel, available in two flavours, and certified by Informed Sport. Mixed with water, the all-plant concentrate gives complete nutrition to keep endurance sports athletes and enthusiasts energised and hydrated throughout their activities. The vegan-friendly product is made entirely from plant-based ingredients which contains no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, no caffeine or maltodextrin, and is free of the 14 major allergens.

Fever-Tree Chairman Bill Ronald has also joined BACX as its Chairman. During his tenure, Ronald oversaw the group’s growth from a $34m to a $400m revenue business and is looking to bring his extensive expertise within the food and beverage industry to BACX.

BACX also has various profile athletes as ambassadors including Team GB track cyclist and Commonwealth medallist Joe Truman.

On the investment, Vettel said: “BACX products were the first I’ve tried throughout my 15 year F1 career that have me energised right until to the end of a Grand Prix without any stomach problems or side effects. This inspired me to get involved, alongside our mutual values of sustainability, health and performance, to help scale the business to help as many people as possible on their fitness journey.”

Jason Baits-Tomlin, founder and CEO of BACX, said: “I created BACX because I no longer wanted to endure poor performing, synthetic sports nutrition on my endurance adventures and challenges and. I was convinced there had to be a way to create a high performing and healthier alternative. I was thrilled when Sebastian decided to use BACX and put it to the test on the track, ultimately leading to our partnership through shared values in making a positive impact in people’s lives, while doing our best, from the start, to limit environmental harm. We’re delighted to be a part of Sebastian’s vision for change, including his involvement with BACX as lead investor and global brand advocate, to help us  grow and make a difference.”


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