The best non-fiction books of 2022: A feast for the soul


From concrete dinosaurs to human evolution, exquisite plants to space travel, we pick the best non-fiction to give to those you love this year


30 November 2022

Silhouette of a man in a tent. He reads a book and drinks tea. Winter time. Pine forest.

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TRAWLING through the year’s science books is a good way to restore perspective. They tackle everything from imagining the new world that emerged after the dinosaurs were wiped out to understanding our own place in nature by exploring the woods, and from extending our senses to the value of emotions. Enjoy our selection: many of our picks were reviewed in these pages, but they are all terrific reads and will make great gifts.

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From dinosaurs to plants

It is just as well that the world is full of surprises because the human appetite for …


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