EXCLUSIVE: ‘We Build the Wall’ Attorney Was Notified of Corrupt Acts by Juror in Case – Now He’s Dead

This past week we reported on an attorney in New York who was asked to represent President Trump who suddenly died.  This successful attorney received information on the ‘We Build the Wall’ case he represented only hours before his yet unexplained death. 

Today the corrupt Obama judge overseeing the case ignored major issues with a juror in the trial.  The attorney learned about this information shortly before his untimely death. 

We reported within the last week on the sudden death of attorney John Meringolo.

Attorney Who Requested to Represent President Trump But Was Denied by New York Court, Died Suddenly Last Week at 48

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Meringolo was successful in defending individuals in multiple cases against the state.  It turns out that Meringolo also requested to represent the Trump team in another lawsuit coming from the state.  In this case, the Obama judge overseeing the We Build the Wall case declined to make adjustments that would enable him to do so.

Meringolo was very successful in cases against the state.  He ended with a hung jury in the first We Build the Wall case with defendant Tim Shea.  However, the Obama judge in the case wouldn’t allow for some of the same evidence provided in the first case to be shared in the second case. As a result, Shea lost the second case.

We now know that Meringolo found out some information only hours before his death.  He learned that a juror in the Shea (We Build the Wall) case discussed the case with a family member.  The family member discussed the case with a member of the prosecution who this person knew.

Because this is a major legal issue the prosecution had to inform Meringolo about what they learned.

Now Meringolo is dead.

Today the Obama judge in the case, Judge Analisa Torres officially ignored the actions of the juror.  The juror discussed issues with a family member who then shared information with a prosecutor in the case.

Obama Judge Torres ignored this corruption that had a likely material impact on the case.

Decision on Motion to Interview Juror (1) by Jim Hoft on Scribd

And the goons in New York wonder why people are leaving the state in waves.  

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