FBI Began Covertly Surveilling Rudy Giuliani One Month After He Was Hired as President Trump’s Personal Attorney


WHAT IS GOING ON?  The FBI started surveilling Rudy Giuliani one month after he was hired as President Trump’s personal attorney.  

The FBI went to Twitter to notify them that there was the possibility of Russia getting involved in the 2020 election.  At least this was their story.

The FBI and Big Tech held weekly meetings where they discussed URLs that they wanted to be censored and shut down.

One hack from Twitter who was big at censoring Americans, Yoel Roth, notified the FEC about these weekly meetings after the 2020 election was stolen in late December 2020.

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According to information coming out now, the FBI was surveilling Rudy Giuliani for two years and watching his email. In 2020 they saw his emails to/from John Mac Isaac and to/from Miranda Divine and Steve Bannon and knew the laptop story was coming and when the New York Post was going to release it.

The FBI went to Twitter and “pre-seeded” the idea to them that there was going to be “hacked material” for Russia relating to Hunter and Joe Biden and they needed to deal with it accordingly.  No doubt that the FBI went to Facebook and Google as well.

This was massive collusion involving corrupt Democrat politicians, Big Tech, and the FBI.

See Miranda Devine at the War Room yesterday.

Chris Wray needs to resign and be arrested asap for interfering in the 2020 election! 


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