Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Billionaire Raped Her Inside Of Epstein’s Mansion


A woman has just filed a lawsuit claiming billionaire former CEO of Apollo Leon Black raped her inside Jeffery Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion over 20 years ago.

In the lawsuit Cheri Pierson names both Black and the estate of Jeffery Epstein as defendants.

The suit states Epstein arranged for Pierson to give Black a massage at Epstein’s New York city Mansion in an exchange for money.

However, before the massage could take place Pierson would then allege Black “brutally raped” her and left her swollen and bleeding.

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Law firm Wigdor LLP filed the complaint and stated “By the time Ms. Pierson exited the massage suite and rode down the elevator with Black, she could barely walk out of the house onto the sidewalk, as she was in excruciating pain and still in shock.”

Pierson would also allege after being raped by Black she had problems urinating properly for a few weeks.

In response to the lawsuit, Leon Black has denied all allegations.

Black’s attorney Susan Estrich went on record saying the claims “are categorically false and part of a scheme to extort money from Mr. Black by threatening to destroy his reputation.”

Before the lawsuit was ever filed, Leon Black, the co-founder of Apollo a private equity firm, stepped down as the CEO and the company’s chairman after a paper trail revealed Black reportedly paid Epsetin close to $75 million for consulting services.

Besides the current lawsuit, Black was also previously accused of raping, Russian supermodel Guzel Ganieva but Black has denied those allegations too.


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