Why the tech apocalypse of 2022 was largely a good thing

With Twitter, FTX and Alexa all in the doldrums by the end of this year, Annalee Newitz explains why this is actually an encouraging sign for humanity


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14 December 2022

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Simone Rotella

IT HAS been an apocalyptic year for technology, but that doesn’t mean we are heading for dystopia. In fact, the biggest tech failures of 2022 are actually an encouraging sign that many humans are still quite sensible despite everything.

As I discussed in my most recent column (10 December), Twitter appears to be imploding after new owner Elon Musk fired thousands of staff and allowed vaccine deniers and white supremacists back on the platform. For many of us, it seemed like a nightmarish harbinger of things to come online.

The immediate reaction of many advertisers and users was “get me …

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