The Darkness Manifesto review: Why we need to turn out the lights


Light pollution disrupts animals and has also been linked to human ailments. Bat scientist Johan Eklöf has some useful fixes in his new book


23 November 2022

A4HEEB House at Ebbw Vale at night with light pollution from street lights in distance South Wales UK

Throughout our history, humans have been afraid of the dark

Chris Howes/Alamy

The Darkness Manifesto

Johan Eklöf

Translated by Elizabeth DeNoma (Bodley Head)

IN THE twilight, the bats that nest in the old church of Suntak in Sweden fly around, hunting for insects. The 12th-century church’s façade isn’t lit up at night. So, as in the past, the building remains a sanctuary for bats, remarkable creatures that have evolved to function in the dark.

In his book The Darkness Manifesto, originally published in Swedish two years ago, Johan Eklöf, a …


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