“South Africa is the Most Racist Government in the World”


Ernst van Zyl and Ernst Roets of AfriForum at the UN in Geneva this week

Farm murders are on the rise in South Africa as the South Afrrican government walks out on a conference of the UN Forum for Minority Affairs. AfriForum spokesman Ernst Roets called the South African government “the most racist government in the world.”

The conference was held Thursday and Friday at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland. According to Ernst Roets, the South African representative left the hall when other delegates began to speak. “It was very embarassing when the Chairman called on the South African government and no one showed up”, Roets said.

On Friday morning, Dec. 2, Roets spoke to the UN conference about the anti-minority aggression of the racist South African government.

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“If racism is measured by the amount of race laws a government implements, the South African government with over  125 racial laws  surely constitues the most racist government in the world. Perhaps this is why they failed to report at the session yesterday,” Roets said.

“The South African private sphere is also culpable, with major corporations shamelessly enforcing moratoriums on the appointment and promotion of minorities”, he said.

South Africa’s former Marxist terrorist ANC government has imposed racial quotas and a racial scoring system (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment BBBEE) on all businesses in South Africa, requiring they be at least 50% black-owned and managed. This has led to massive corruption in South Africa, with corrupt ANC leaders like Presidents Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa becoming fantastically wealthy over corporate profit-sharing. Corrupt billionaire President Cyril Ramaphosa faces impeachment after 4 million $ in cash was discovered at his home Phala Phala.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, small businesses were legally barred from receiving government relief based on racial criteria”, Roets said. “An organization on the frontline of the fight against gender-based violence was also barred from government funding for the same reasons.”

“Julius Malema, one of the counrtry’s most influential politicians, has stated publicly and under oath that he might one day call for the slaughter of the white minority. He encourages his supporters to inflict violence against minorities and to chase them of the property that legitimately belongs to them. In a recent speech, he called on his supporters to kill those who stand in the way of his revolution. Despite his obvious racism and hatred for minorities, he has been spared international condemnation.”

“The UN does not have a good track record when it comes to intervention and the prevention of  atrocities. This is because the UN places too much emphasis on diplomacy and fostering good relations with states as opposed to peoples. States and peoples are not the same. The only way for the UN to strengthen its influence in this regard is to decentralize its approach by strengthening its ties with communities and organizations on ground level, especially those who are antagonized by their governments,” said Roets. “As long as the UN and global role-players favor diplomacy with oppressive governments over the basic freedoms of peoples and communities  we cannot expect progress. The South African government in particular should be called out for its anti-minority aggression.”


The number of farm murders increased this year for the third year in a row, according to Maroela Media. The police continue to refuse to make these atrocities priority crimes. Visiting New York in 2018, President Cyril Ramaphosa denied there was such a thing as farm attacks.”There are no killings of farmers or white farmers in South Africa”, Ramaphosa claimed. Data produced by the South African Police Service shows that 62 farmers and farm workers were murdered in the country in the 2017-2018 financial year,” the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) said.

In November 2022, there were twenty one farm attacks and four farm murders in South Africa, South Africa Today reports.  One attack was successfully averted. In the month of October 2022, there were thirteen farm attacks and three farm murders, two attacks were successfully averted. In September 2022, there were fifteen farm attacks and seven farm murders.

On Friday, Nov. 25, 7a 2 year old woman waiting for the garage door to close on her small farm was jumped by three black males suddenly appeared and threatened her with a firearm. The attackers tied up the woman and  ransacked the house, stealing four firearms, jewelry from the safe and  the woman’s Mercedes Benz.

On Nov. 24, a woman was shot and killed by an unknown number of attackers on a small farm in the Muldersdrift area over her cell phone, whicch wass the only thing stolen.

On the same day in Brits in the North West Province of South Africa, a woman (31) was attacked by approximately five attackers armed with pangas (machets), an axe and knife as she was leaving her home. The attackers assaulted and dragged the woman back into her home, tied her up and brutally assaulted her with their weapons, demanding firearms. A domestic worker was also assaulted but not seriously injured. The home was ransacked but no firearms were robbed. The attackers fled the scene.

On Nov. 20, an elderly couple were brutally tortured near Greytown in  KwaZulu-Natal province, resulting in the death of the 84 year old man.

On Nov. 19, a 74 year old woman, Louise Lamprecht, was found brutally murdered after she and her husband, Johan (75), were attacked on their small in Vlakplaats in he Gauteng province. South Africa Today reports:

“Her husband Johan was  lying on the grounds while working on a lawnmower when three black males suddenly appeared next to him. They kicked Johan repeatedly and dragged him into a storeroom, pointing firearms at him, where they tied him to a bench and beat him with hammers. The attackers demanded money, but Johan told them that he does not have a lot of money.

He  gave the attackers his bank card and PIN code. The attackers then went into the house where they broke open the safe. They stole a hunting rifle and pistol and went back to the tied-up Johan where they beat him with his own pistol. They then left. The seriously injured Johan crawled back to the house to look for Louise but could not find her. He lost consciousness at one stage. Another man living on the same smallholding realised later that something was not right and called a neighbour. They went to the house and called the emergency services. The Police found Louise’s body in the bath with her hands tied.”


NOTE: Readers often commment that it is “time for white farmers to leave South Africa”. Afrikaners consider themselves Africans and intend to stay in their homeland. “We were born here and we will die here”, we were told.

Support organizations like AfriForum, Solidarity or Transvaal Agricultural Union if you want to support South African farmers.




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