Ray Epps and Baked Alaska Seen Together in Video from November 2020 Two Months Before Jan. 6


A new video is making the rounds this week of Ray Epps and Baked Alaska together at an event in Arizona two months before the January 6 protests.

The video was originally published by Shawn Bradley Witzeman on Twitter.

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Ray Epps is in his signature tan shirt.

Tim Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, posted this response to the video earlier today via Tayler Hansen.

The Gateway Pundit wrote about Baked Alaska back in May.

We are republishing our report here.

Part II

Tim Gionet, AKA “Baked Alaska”, real name Anthime Joseph Gionet, is an accused white supremacist, an antisemitic videographer who was a Trump supporter before he wasn’t. Then he became a Democrat Yang supporter. He attended the Jan. 5th and 6th rallies in Washington DC.  He encouraged protesters to breach the US Capitol and broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office.  He appeared to use her phone.  And he filmed EVERYONE in the office with him.

Tim Gionet worked at Buzzfeed before he became assistant to Milo Yiannopoulos, whose career was exploding in 2016. He later left and went out on his own as a videographer.

In April 2017 Baked Alaska traveled to Berkeley, California to film a much anticipated free speech rally. Tim Gionet was able to film the violent attacks by Antifa on the Trump supporters at the event that went viral.

In September 2017 Baked Alaska traveled to Charlottesville.  Tim marched in the Tiki Torch march and filmed all of the faces.  Thanks to the light of the Tiki Torches it was easy to identify who was marching that night.  Who do you suppose thought of that idea?  In one video clip from the Tiki Torch march, Baked Alaska is heard screaming about being, “Proud to be white!”

Did you see footage of people shouting “hail victory” at the rallies this weekend? It’s the English translation of “sieg heil,” the notorious Nazi slogan. Baked Alaska shot video of himself saying just that.

“They thought we weren’t going to stand up,” Baked Alaska shouts into the camera. “Guess what, we’re standing up for our rights! We’re proud to be white!”

On January 5th and 6th Baked Alaska traveled to Washington DC to attend the rallies for President Trump.

Tim was out the night before filming the crowds on the streets.

At one point, Baked Alaska ran into Ray Epps and filmed their exchange.

Ray Epps tells him, “I shouldn’t say it. But tomorrow we need to into the Capitol.”
Gionet then cheered, “Let’s go!”

Then on January 6, Tim Gionet stormed the US Capitol and broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office. While inside her office Baked Alaska filmed the faces of everyone inside the room with him. At one point he appeared to be using her phone.

Gionet live-streamed his time inside the US Capitol on January 6. He interviewed several Trump supporters and filmed everyone in the room with him when he entered Pelosi’s office. He also broadcast himself cursing a US Capitol Police Officer who was escorting him from the building.

Via Yahoo.

During the livestream, Gionet talked to other rioters about what they were doing at the Capitol. At one point, he suggested he would sleep inside a lawmakers’ office and use the desk phone to call President Donald Trump. At another point in the stream, a police officer inside the building appeared to be taking selfies with rioters.

Via The Hill Reporter: Gionet, who also took part in the 2017 “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, was arrested on January 15th and charged with illegally entering a restricted building, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds during the January 6th insurrection.

But Baked Alaska is not being held in prison. He was released from house arrest back in March 2021.

His own Livestream video from that event was cited extensively in the indictment against him. After his arrest in Houston, Gionet initially was ordered to submit to electronic location monitoring, but the court lifted that condition of his release on March 31.

Baked Alaska has a similar story to John Sullivan, the Antifa activist who stormed the US Capitol, broke a window, filmed Ashli Babbit’s death, and is walking free today.

John Sullivan even organized an Antifa rally near the US Capitol on January 6th before the Trump rally that has been ignored by the media and FBI for some reason.

Since January 6th, Baked Alaska’s video footage has been used by Democrats in their impeachment of President Trump.

And the FBI admitted it was using Baked Alaska’s footage to identify suspects and track down Capitol Hill rioters.

Tim Gionet later appeared in court in Washington DC.  The government dropped all charges against Gionet except one of the lowest-level charges brought in connection with Jan. 6 — parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol.  This is a misdemeanor with a maximum of 6 months in prison.  All of his other charges were dropped against him for some reason.

During his hearing, Tim Gionet told crooked leftist Judge Emmet Sullivan, of Mike Flynn fame, that he was innocent.

Baked Alaska told Judge Sullivan he believed he was innocent. At that point, the judge CANNOT accept his guilty plea.

Judge Sullivan reset his court trial date for March 2023.  In the meantime, Tim Gionet walks free while other Jan. 6 defendants remain locked up and have lesser charges.

Tim Gionet is a free man today as Americans he filmed rot in prison without a trial date. Why is that?


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