MUST SEE: Steve Bannon Drops a Bomb on the Deep State War on America

Steve Bannon put it all together this morning on the War Room.  

This story starts long ago.

In the 1970’s John Dean was a participant in the attempt to remove Richard Nixon from the Presidency.  This was all detailed in the book “Silent Coup: The Removal of the President” which discussed Dean’s actions in the coup that led to Nixon’s demise.  The authors of this book were on CSPAN in 1991 to talk about their research covered in their book –

…the authors said that White House aide John Dean was responsible for the cover-up of the 1973 Watergate break-in, that General Alexander Haig was attempting to unseat President Nixon

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…Because John Dean pulled off an incredible hoax. He pulled it off on the Watergate Committee and he pulled it off on the courts and he pulled it off on the American people, and in a sense he erased the election. If you take John Dean out of the story, it doesn’t matter what Woodward and Haig do because it will be a series of leaks that will mean nothing. There’s no Watergate. It will be traditional Washington leaks that may nick the president a little bit, but it’s not going to drive him out of office. It is the John Dean story that is just absolutely the most important story in the book.

After the attempted coup of President Trump labeled the Mueller Special Counsel, the corrupt members of the US House (all Democrats and many in the GOP) held hearings to damage the President.  Congress and the Deep State wanted President Trump gone.

One of the first individuals asked to speak in their show trials was John Dean who had no knowledge of the Mueller report.  However, Dean was famous for having President Nixon removed from office.  So they brought him in.

John Dean, Trump-Basher and “Golden Boy” of Watergate “Silent Coup” – Invited to Speak in Front of Democrat Led House

Dean did speak in front of the corrupt Democrat Congress and tried to bring back Watergate.  It was embarrassing for Dean and the Deep State.

GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz tore Dean apart noting that the Democrats brought him in to remind them of Watergate rather than deal with the accusation of whether Trump colluded with Russia.  The latter was a lie which is maybe why Dean was there in the first place.  The Dems thought maybe he could help them take down President Trump.

Matt Gaetz destroyed Dean and the Dems.

John Dean, Trump-Basher and “Golden Boy” of Watergate “Silent Coup” – Invited to Speak in Front of Democrat Led House

However, this was a clue.  Dean represented the Deep State’s successful coup of a Presidential Administration.  They wanted to do it again.

This morning Steve Bannon put it all together.  After the revelations that have been uncovered this past week it is clear that the Deep State FBI, DOJ, CISA and others colluded with, and most likely still are colluding with Big Tech to control the information reaching the American people.

We know that these entities worked with Twitter management to shadow ban, suspend and censor individuals and tweets they didn’t like.  These organizations all worked together and lied to the American people about it.  At the same time, Twitter and the FBI were meeting weekly to discuss the containment of information reaching the people related to the stolen 2020 Election.

Steve Bannon this morning put it all together.

The FBI and DOJ, if I can give a historical analogy, is like the pretorian guard around the Roman Emporers.  Remember they have a vote.  They have a big vote.  If the guy played ball they protected him.  If he didn’t play ball they’d replace him.

That’s what the FBI in Nixon in Watergate…it was the federal court system, these judges, these DOJ’s, these corrupt lawyers on the panels over on the House and the Senate working on and doing stuff that never should have been done…the FBI and the Federal Court system did a coup on Richard Nixon….

…Matt Tiibbi who’s no MAGA, he just gave it to you last night.  Boom, right between the eyes – THE REMOVAL OF TRUMP.  And anybody who doesn’t get, he ain’t talking about Twitter.  Twitter is the way he’s telling about how Trump was removed – by Trump’s own Administration.

Now, the Administrative state that runs the whole deal, right…they tried to get him on, wait for it, Ukraine!  I’m not making this up.  Think about it!

…It’s as clear as the nose on your face…You cannot allow this aparatus to remove a sitting President.  If it does, you’re a banana republic.

This was one of the greatest 7 minutes in history.  Watch it again and share it with friends.

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