“Maricopa County Doing What They Can To Obstruct Transparency”

Maricopa County just stole another election, and it appears they are doing everything possible to refuse honesty and transparency in their ongoing automatic recounts.

Arizona and Maricopa County are recounting several close races that fell within the .05% margin of victory to trigger an automatic recount.

Races for Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and State Representative in Legislative District 13 (Maricopa County only) met the criteria for the recount.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh has already filed a lawsuit contesting the fraudulent Midterm Election in Arizona.

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Kari Lake also filed a lawsuit to nullify the election for Governor and approve a full audit of signatures and machine failures.

It was revealed by a Runbeck whistleblower in Lake’s filing that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ballots did not have any chain of custody documentation.

HUGE: Runbeck Whistleblower Reveals That Chain Of Custody For OVER 298,942 Maricopa County Ballots Delivered To Runbeck On Election Day Did Not Exist, Employees Allowed To Add Family Members’ Ballots Without Any Documentation

These illegal ballots should nullify the entire election.

With the recount underway, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward tweeted yesterday,

Ward: I just heard through the grapevine that @MaricopaVote is doing the hand recount RIGHT NOW with Democrats & Libertarians while Republicans are there and are being ignored as they beg to be placed on these boards. Another reason for partisan observers! Will Maricopa ever shape up?


Arizona election expert Gina Swoboda told The Gateway Pundit, “hand count boards have started doing a hand count on the election day ballots, which obviously are of great concern because we have all these misread ballots on election day because of the failures of the ballot on-demand printers.”

One of these hand count boards had three people, but no Republicans were on the board. Instead, Maricopa County selected two Democrats and one Libertarian.

When an observer asked Elections Director Reynaldo Valenzuela to place a Republican on the board, Valenzuela refused, telling the observer that it was not required.

This is correct according to ARS 16-602, which states, “For the hand count to proceed, not more than seventy-five percent of the persons performing the hand count shall be from the same political party.”

Although it was legal to have a table without Republican oversight, there were enough Republicans to ensure full participation in the process.

According to Swodoba, some tables had two Republican observers and one Democrat.

“We said, well, why don’t you take one of those Republicans and switch them out with the Democrats so each of these two tables has one person from each party, so everyone feels confident in the transparency, and they were refusing to do it,” said Swodoba. She also asked, “is it wise? Is it transparent? Is it going to restore confidence to a shaken electorate that just saw what I consider to be a catastrophic failure of Maricopa County to execute properly on election day?”

“All they have to do is switch two people in a chair.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona election was stolen from Kari Lake and other Trump-Endorsed candidates for office through censorship on social media and massive election-day irregularities. Machines and printers in red districts failed Republican voters on election day, causing as long as four-hour waits and disenfranchising Republicans. Elections officials also colluded with big tech and the Federal Government to silence their Republican opponents.

Why is Maricopa County still refusing to cooperate?

“The fact that they want to argue about it is, to me, they’re like aggressively defensive. They won’t cooperate. They feel combative in every single interaction,” said Swodoba.

Swodoba and the Maricopa County GOP Chairwoman both called the other Election Director, Scott Jarret, to raise these concerns, but he still refused to move a Republican to the table. It wasn’t until Kelli Ward fired off a tweet and alerted the public about their shenanigans that Maricopa County finally decided to switch the chairs and allow a Republican to hand count the ballots.

“So we had to have a bunch of phone calls, a tweet from the Chair, and they did eventually do it, but it is, again, just a continuum of Maricopa County doing what they can to obstruct transparency,” Swodoba told us.

Swodoba also  told The Gateway Pundit that the recount of ballots in Maricopa County is happening suspiciously fast, and “they’re magically able to tabulate like twice as many ballots as they were able to tabulate during the actual election.” The retabulation of ballots and hand counting of ballots was not projected to be completed until the 17th, but Swodoba now expects Maricopa County to finish by tomorrow.

“They’re moving with Lightspeed, and given that they are people that moved so slowly that caused the crisis of confidence, that’s quite interesting,” Swodoba said.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County took nearly two weeks to count the General Election ballots. Swodoba told us that the County has “no additional staff” for this recount of the races.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on the shady recount of Maricopa County’s fraudulent Midterm Election.

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