Karine Jean-Pierre Says Elon Musk’s Memes Trolling Dr. Fauci and Biden are “Dangerous” (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday said Elon Musk’s memes trolling Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden are “dangerous” and “disgusting.”

Memes are dangerous according to Joe Biden’s affirmative action hire.

Elon Musk trolled Joe Biden and Fauci with a meme this weekend.

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Elon Musk then fired off another tweet calling for Fauci to be prosecuted whilst trolling the woke pronoun mafia.

A White House reporter asked KJP about Elon Musk’s memes.

KJP said Elon Musk exercising his First Amendment right is “dangerous.”

“These personal attacks.. are DANGEROUS…They are disgusting and they are divorced from reality,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.


Elon Musk trolled the Covid cult again on Monday.


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