Judge Rules Georgia County Can Accept Absentee Ballots 3 Days After Election


Today is election day in the Peach State, but don’t expect to find out the results today.

A Georgia Superior Court Judge recently ordered  Cobb County to extend its deadline for accepting absentee ballots to December 9th which is three days after voters hit the polls.

The decision comes after a lawsuit made its way to court claiming Georgia voter’s constitutional rights were violated when Cobb County residents, who had applied to receive absentee ballots, never received them.

The plaintiffs in the suit were the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center and it specifically stated voters who filed to receive absentee ballots on November 26th had yet to receive them.

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Under the new ruling, absentee ballots can be still counted up to 7 pm on December 9th.

Judge Kellie Hill wrote in her decision  “A delay in sending absentee ballots to voters who timely requested them may infringe upon Plaintiffs’ right to vote under the Georgia Constitution.”

Currently, voters in Georgia have lined up early to vote in the crucial runoff between Senator Raphael Warnock and his GOP opponent Herschel Walker.


The days of finding out who won an election by the end of Election Day are long gone.


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