Intro to Remix: A leader in full-stack evolution

While not as well known as some of the larger JavaScript frameworks, Remix has earned a reputation as one that stands out. Some of the good ideas first introduced by Remix, which went open source in 2021, have been absorbed into other frameworks, as well.

At the highest level, Remix is a full-stack JavaScript framework in the style of Next.js: it supports server-side rendering (SSR) of a full-stack, reactive JavaScript application. Beyond that similarity, Remix takes a different approach from Next in several ways that we will explore in this article.

Not just React

Perhaps the most significant departure from Next.js is that Remix is designed to abstract its front-end implementation. In other words, it is decoupled from React. Although Remix with React is the standard approach currently, it is possible to use different front-end frameworks like Svelte and Vue.

Remix appears to be the first JavaScript framework that attempts to abstract the Reactive front end. This approach—of making the front-end framework a pluggable piece of architecture within a larger application framework—could become more mainstream in the future. (JHipster is similar in that it abstracts the JavaScript front end while using a Java back end.)

Co-located server and client code

Remix makes it easy to co-locate the code that renders the front end alongside the code that provides its data. As you’ll see, Remix includes a <Form> component, which is like a <form> element but with superpowers for interacting with server-side logic. That makes it easy to encapsulate the entire data CRUD cycle within the same file.

Building on web standards

If you look at Remix’s philosophy, one of its main tenets is to build upon existing web standards like HTTP and HTML and augment them with a layer of JavaScript that doesn’t obscure the underlying technologies. Evolving in close cooperation with web standards is a good idea because they do a remarkably good job of staying current with the changing development landscape. Modern web standards are also impressively robust and capable. 

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