How Birds Evolve review: In-depth and passionate


Douglas Futuyma’s new book on the rise of birds isn’t easy going, but it shows why they were vital to evolutionary theory – and birders will love it


7 December 2022

Wilson's Bird of Paradise Plate26_futuyma_Wilson's bop

A Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Daniel Lopez-Velasco

How Birds Evolve

Douglas Futuyma (Princeton University Press)

THE delight is in the detail of a new evolutionary history of birds, as is some of the devilry – for this isn’t a light read. Douglas Futuyma is out to tell a double tale: he explains how the study of these animals advanced our understanding of evolution and he shows how advances in evolutionary science solve some long-standing ornithological mysteries, even as they expose others.

Futuyma has written How Birds Evolve: What science reveals about their origin, lives, …


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