House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Issues a Stark Warning If He’s Not Selected as Speaker of the US House

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is warning GOP House members to vote for him for Speaker or else.

The GOP barely took over the US House of Representatives after this latest election steal but they somehow squeaked it out.  The number of seats going to the GOP should have been 40 more based on history but we have a new way of electing people today and it’s based on whoever comes up with the most votes, legal and illegal.

After winning the House, the GOP must select a Speaker.  Normally this would be the Minority Leader but not this year.  Kevin McCarthy was Paul Ryan’s pick for the House and the GOP’s elite pick for the House but he’s not America’s pick for the House.

Many GOP Representatives will not vote for McCarthy for Speaker due to any number of reasons:

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  • He lives with Frank Luntz
  • He’s never stood for anything
  • He’s against the MAGA movement (who could possibly be against making America greater?)
  • He allows the Dems to absolutely destroy our country
  • He’s weak at a time when America is under communist attack and he doesn’t seem to understand it or care.

Many House members say they’ll never vote for McCarthy.

Rep. Andy Biggs Says There Are 20 Firm ‘No’ Votes Against House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Becoming Speaker

McCarthy is now warning of disaster if he is not voted Speaker.

CNN shared a video of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stating that it will be a disaster if he is not chosen as speaker of the house.

McCarthy and the GOP elites should sit this one out.  America doesn’t want them or like them.  This is a time for warriors not cupcakes. 

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