Homo Sapiens Rediscovered review: Hunting human origin stories


From a bone fragment of a mysterious new species to the latest on cave art, Paul Pettit’s powerful new book shows how science is rewriting the past


7 December 2022

M26NDA Vallon-Pont-d'Arc (south-eastern France): OCaverne du Pont-d'ArcO, replica of the Chauvet Cave, registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It gathers

Upper Palaeolithic art on a replica of the Chauvet cave, south-east France


Homo Sapiens Rediscovered

Paul Pettitt (Thames & Hudson)

WHO are we? This fundamental question has always exercised humanity. One way to approach it is to look at our origins and the evolutionary journey we have taken. Today, thanks to powerful new tools, we can look at the lives of our ancestors in unprecedented detail: the meals they ate, their relationships. And through their art and other practices, we can even get hints about their beliefs about the world.

Paul Pettitt, …


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