EXPOSED: Twitter Files Show Former Employees Attempted to Ban Congressman Matt Gaetz


Twitter CEO Elon Musk has released another batch of files continuing to expose Twitter’s role in shuttering conservative speech online, as well as their compliance with intelligence officials in burying the Hunter Biden Laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.

Now, evidence shows that Twitter’s former employee head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth, intentionally pushed for the social media platform to target and ban Congressman Matt Gaetz, citing the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 as the primary reason despite other colleagues stating that Gaetz had not violated Twitter’s terms of service.

An employee who was not named, had asked Roth on January 7th, 2021 what the latest claims regarding rumored Antifa activity at the Capitol were, specifically referencing tweets from Gaetz stating that members of the radical organization infiltrated Trump protestors who stormed the Capitol that day. It was noted in the correspondence that another employee only referenced as “C” was “yelling from the other room that we should just ban Gaetz.”

Roth responded that other employees were “working on that.”

“It doesn’t quite fit anywhere (duh),” said Roth. “But I’m trying to talk safety into treating it as an incitement… I think we’ll get over the line for removal as a conspiracy that incites violence… [then-head of Legal, Policy and Trust] Vijaya [Gadde] was directionally okay with it.”

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Twitter’s Corruption Exposed

It had been known for some time that employees within Twitter had aggressively for years attempted to shadow ban, openly ban, and censor conservative and Republican figures while at the same time receiving cover from the mainstream media that they were still a fair and open platform for free speech, despite the evidence.

In the wake of the release of the Twitter files, which were provided by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk to independent journalists Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss, we’re now able to see the extent of the corruption by former Twitter employees such as Roth in particular. Roth had very publicly held animosity towards conservatives and former President Donald Trump as shown by his own tweets.

“In 2017, Roth tweeted that there were ‘ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE,’” according to Shellenberger. “In April 2022, Roth told a colleague that his goal ‘is to drive change in the world,’ which is why he decided not to become an academic.”

“Whatever your opinion of the decision to remove Trump that day, the internal communications at Twitter between January 6th-January 8th have clear historical import,” said Taibi. “Even Twitter’s employees understood in the moment it was a landmark moment in the annals of speech.”

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