Elon Musk Can Only Laugh After CNN ‘Fact-Checks’ His Meme Mocking the Network


Elon Musk, who is becoming perhaps the greatest social media user after Donald Trump, mocked CNN with a satirical meme poking fun at the left-wing network’s tendency to hysterics.

But the real humor is that it prompted the network to whine about “fake news” and offer a suggestion for the Twitter chief to “be better.”

The social media dustup began when Musk shared a headline that was an obvious parody, mocking CNN for their fears about free speech on the platform.

Musk tweeted a screenshot of Don Lemon covering a story on him with a fake chyron that reads: “Elon Musk could threaten free speech on Twitter by allowing people to speak freely.”

The obvious joke was slapped with “context” from an AP “fact-check” which indicates it was derived from a “satirical website.”

Think about that for a moment. The Associated Press had to run a fact-check on the meme because enough people thought CNN would actually make the argument that free speech would be destroyed “by allowing people to speak freely.”

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Elon Musk Gets a Good Laugh at CNN’s Expense

Not only did the AP fact-check the meme, but CNN felt the need to point out that Musk’s satirical effort wasn’t real as well.

The official communication team account for CNN responded to the Tesla CEO by writing: “This headline never appeared on CNN. Be better.”

Even better, they were so upset by the parody that they added a doctored image suggesting Musk’s tweet violated Twitter’s rules on sharing “false, fabricated, and misleading information.”

Will the AP now run a fact-check to correct the record that CNN’s response to the parody is itself a fake news story?

Musk’s account is easily the most entertaining thing going on Twitter today. And he couldn’t help but respond to CNN going ‘Karen’ on him.

A few minutes later, he hilariously replied to his initial post on CNN writing that the Community Notes feature on his satirical effort had done its job.

“FTW!” (For the Win), he wrote.

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CNN is Their Own Parody

Elon Musk has been searching for ways to address parody accounts for some time. The Community Notes feature seems to have done the trick in regard to his own post.

Earlier this month, as the platform was being inundated with fake accounts due to paid access to blue check accounts, Musk wrote, “Going forward, accounts engaged in parody must include ‘parody’ in their name, not just in bio.”

But that is intended more for sites like the Babylon Bee or The Onion. Not individual memes that mock CNN.

Plus, it’d be hard for CNN to admit that they probably deserve the ‘parody’ label considering half of their published reports are less news and more sensationalized tabloid reading material.

CNN is, of course, the network which brought you the Russia conspiracy hoax, the Jussie Smollett hoax, the Nick Sandmann hoax, and refused to report on the now-confirmed Hunter Biden laptop.

Unintentional parody after unintentional parody.

Even former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has called out CNN, saying he personally witnessed an incident during riots stemming from the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in which the network stirred the pot by creating ‘false news.’

If anybody deserves a parody label or Community Notes context, it’s CNN.

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