Elon Musk Accuses Democrats Of ‘Coordinated’ Attack on Him, Suggests They Are Merely Political Puppets


Elon Musk accused several Democrat politicians of engaging in a “coordinated” attack against him, though he suggested they are simply actors having their puppet strings controlled by somebody else.

The Twitter chief responded to a social media user on Tuesday who argued that Musk was drawn into the political sphere by the Democrat attacks.

“Elon wasn’t super political on Twitter until Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren started attacking him for no reason,” Jason DeBolt, a Tesla investor wrote.

“Of all the dudes they could have attacked, they chose the guy most capable of helping government solve problems,” he added.

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Elon Musk Accuses Democrats of Coordinated Attacks

Elon Musk, the self-described ‘Chief Twit,’ chimed in pointing out that “several other major Democrat politicians” attacked him at around the same time.

“It was coordinated,” he wrote. “Outside of party leadership and independents like Manchin, they are essentially actors on the political stage, not directors or script writers.”

Musk, whose Twitter account is the most entertaining to follow since former President Donald Trump involuntarily left, also responded to a meme pointing out how Democrats have turned a blind eye to the threats posed by China and Tik Tok, and are instead focused on his free speech-oriented platform.

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Musk Fights Fire With Fire

Despite the allegedly coordinated attacks, Elon Musk has refused to back down from the Democrat ‘actors.’

He blasted Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Senator Karen” after the Massachusetts Democrat accused him of not paying taxes and essentially being a “freeloader.”

Prior to that, he mocked Bernie Sanders (I-VT) after the Senator said, “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share.”

“I keep forgetting that you’re still alive,” he fired back.

He even fact-checked Joe Biden when, during his State of the Union speech, the President snubbed Tesla by ignoring the company’s investment in electric vehicle production.

In more recent examples of attacks, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has often criticized Musk for his wealth and took a shot at his proposed subscription service, while far-left Senator Ed Markey actually threatened him with congressional action.

The President of the United States in recent days suggested Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and his relationships with foreign countries should be investigated after being asked if he believed the billionaire presented a “national security risk.”

These sure seem like coordinated attacks.

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson appeared to agree with Musk.

“Coordinated propaganda campaigns are what the media, Big Tech, political and corporate interests have been all about for yrs now,” she tweeted.

And to think, Musk not all that long ago was heralded as a hero by the left for interjecting his Starlink satellite internet service as a defense for Ukraine in their war with Russia.

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