Despite Apple Withholding MAGA Rapper’s Latest Album, Bryson Gray Continues To Fight For Free Speech


As the war against censorship seeps into nearly every facet of our lives, best selling rapper Bryson Gray will soon find out if his stand for free speech and artistic expression can overcome being shut out from iTunes. This journalist has reported on Gray before, highlighting his smash hits like “Let’s Go Brandon” and several of his previous album releases.

“Let’s Go Brandon” Rapper’s New Album Cracks FOUR Billboard Charts

Gray was able to crack four Billboard music charts with “Let’s Go Brandon”, despite having his music video removed from YouTube during a crackdown that wiped any mention of “Let’s Go Brandon,” earlier this year.

Shadowbanning and deplatforming has never slowed Gray down, but the level of censorship the popular rapper is facing ahead of his new album is unprecedented.

He’s been banned from TikTok, had several previous songs scrubbed from Apple, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music, including “Trump Is My President.”

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YouTube Bans Conservative Bryson Gray’s Hit Song “Let’s Go Brandon;” Takes Aim At Other Accounts That Use The F**k Joe Biden Euphemism

For many in the music industry that are even the slightest bit conservative or America First, it can be the kiss of death to their careers. Gray has leaned into his Christian faith, support for President Trump, and the America First movement.  He hasn’t sacrificed the quality of music.

And as he continues to hit roadblocks erected by the censors within Big Tech and the entertainment industry, Gray is in many ways helping the world of rap return to its roots, challenging the status quo and established order.

Lion Music, his newest album, touches on everything from the FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to Joe Biden’s drug-addled son Hunter. It even includes a song about Alex Jones, who is one of the most banned and censored people on planet earth.

Gray even released a song today calling out Balenciaga for their pedophiliac and satanic ad campaign.

With the majority of modern musicians kowtowing to the latest “wokeism” and politically correct talking points, it’s great to see people like Bryson Gray committed to showcasing some of the biggest political moments of our time, without skimping on the strength of his lyrics or sound.

Byrson Gray will join Roger Stone on Wednesday at 5PM to talk about his struggles.

You can check out his new album Lion Music on Spotify, until they start banning him there too!


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