Deep State Attorney James Baker Came to Twitter “Committed to… an Open Internet and Freedom of Expression”

When former DOJ Deep State attorney James Baker landed at Twitter in 2020, he was allegedly going to work for “an open Internet and freedom of expression”.  It was all another lie. 

We’ve written extensively about James Baker the Deep State attorney who worked with Jim Comey in the attempted coup of President Trump.  Comey, Baker, Strzok, Page, Weissmann and more worked to have the President of the United States removed from office illegally.  They lied to the American people and used the corrupt media and Big Tech in their attempts to remove President Trump from office.

Baker was involved in the real coup, treason, and sedition.

Now the Deep State is making up lies about good men from the Oath Keepers and attempting to align them with sedition.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The seditionists are labeling good people seditionists. 

We reported in May of 2022 that:

Attorney James Baker was at the heart of Deep State’s attempted coup of President Trump and his removal from office.  Baker worked for James Comey in the FBI.  He then joined Twitter and was involved in the 2020 Election as a member of the little-known National Task Force on Election Crisis.  Based on all this, can he be trusted?

James Baker was Jim Comey’s General Counsel at the FBI.  He was in on every discussion and cunning calculation.   TGP wrote about him numerous times.  But Baker at times appeared to be willing to talk.

Rep. Meadows Calls For Rosenstein to “Resign Immediately” Following James Baker Testimony He Plotted to Oust Trump From Office

In June 2020 former Comey FBI attorney James Baker joined Twitter.  His announcement noted that Twitter was committed to an open Internet and freedom of speech.  This was before Twitter censored and removed President Trump’s account from the platform and thousands of conservatives along with him.

Twitter has tapped former FBI general counsel James Baker, a central player in the Russia collusion investigation, to serve as counsel to the tech giant.

“Thrilled to welcome @thejimbaker to @Twitter as Deputy General Counsel,” Twitter’s chief legal officer, Sean Edgett, posted Monday.

Edgett continued, “Jim is committed to our core principles of an open internet and freedom of expression, and brings experience navigating complex, global issues with a principled approach.”

But the real tell-all about Baker is that he was a member of the National Task Force on Election Crisis.  This group included nearly every individual representing every key group involved in the 2020 Election steal.

Baker appeared to be chairman of the group which was described as follows.  There are no listed members from the Protect Democracy Project on the Task Force simply because:

The Task Force was convened by Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization. Protect Democracy’s staff supports the work of the Task Force, and in doing so has drawn on assistance from Jenner & Block, the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law, the Democracy & Rule of Law Clinic at Harvard Law School, and the William & Mary Election Law Society.

J. Christian Adams had this to say about this Task Force in an April 30, 2020 article in PJMedia:

One Potemkin outfit is the self-styled National Task Force on Election Crises. In reality, the group is the usual collection of far-left race activists, liberal law professors, vendor grifters sprinkled in with one or two non-crazies to give the organization a whiff of not-entirely-nuts. It is designed to appear bipartisan but in action, it is the opposite…

…Not only does this largely leftist task force represent phony bipartisanship, but it also uses that misleading brand to place hit-and-run pieces in conservative media.

So  Baker moved from working with Comey on Russia collusion to working with the National Task Force on Election Crisis with far-left Protect Democracy and other far-left radicals in on the 2020 Election steal.

So again, can James Baker be trusted?

Today we know that Baker was involved in the decision to suppress Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Crooked FBI Lawyer James Baker – One of the Architects of Spygate – Was Involved in Twitter’s Decision to Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell Story

With gangsters like Baker at the DOJ or at Twitter, the crooked are running the justice system and Big Tech, sometimes the same people, sometimes hand in hand.

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