COP27 saw progress on climate reparations, but more action is needed


The developments at COP27 resulted in a historic agreement to set up a loss and damage fund, but voices from the Global South must remain loud and united long after the climate summit, says Zareen Zahid Qureshi


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30 November 2022

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Michelle D’urbano

PAKISTANIS today exist amidst destruction. A third of my country is underwater, over 1000 people have been killed and damage worth $30 billion adds to crippling economic woes. This is all for a crime we didn’t commit.

We aren’t alone. Across the African continent, millions of people are living through the pangs of a postcolonial trauma that resurfaces with every drought, destroyed home and refugee.

All of us in the Global South (a term for lower-income, often decolonised, nations mainly in the southern part of the world) demand the same thing: relief. The push for loss and damage …


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