Canada geese return twice as quickly if you try to shoo them away


Geese chased out of a park in Chicago returned to the area twice as quickly on days when they were harassed, compared with days when they left of their own accord


15 December 2022

Researcher Ryan Askren with a collared Canada goose

Ryan Askren and a Canada goose fitted with a collar to track its location and activity

Ryan Askren

Canada geese can be a nuisance, but harassing them to leave an area may backfire.

These birds, which often take up residence in densely populated areas of North America and northern Europe, sometimes attack people during nesting season, leave droppings on playground equipment and, most seriously, pose a risk to air traffic at airports.

Ryan Askren, then at the University of Illinois, and his colleagues tested whether harassing geese was an effective way to …


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