Bidenflation: Cost of Christmas Essentials Surging, Lower Income Families Hit Hardest


The cost of essentials for Christmas has surged this season thanks to inflation, and it’s causing shoppers to drastically alter their habits with lower-income families feeling the pinch more than others.

Bankrate reports the cost of a Christmas gathering has risen in nearly every facet of the holiday – from food costs, to travel, and even gift wrap and decorations.

According to their data, a vast majority of holiday staples (88%) have gotten more expensive over the past year.

Aside from the holiday get-together, Americans are likely to see fewer gifts under their Christmas tree.

“The fastest price burst in four decades has been eating up Americans’ purchasing power for more than a year now,” Bankrate writes, “likely leaving people with less spending money heading into the holiday shopping season.”

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Biden is Stealing Christmas – Costs Are Out of Control

While we’re all feeling the pinch from Biden’s price hike, shopping habits are being altered due to the inflation crisis and it’s affecting lower-income families above all else.

According to their statistics, Bankrate reveals that 40% of Americans are changing their shopping habits due to inflation.

A rising number of consumers began their Christmas shopping earlier than had been anticipated and of those who said inflation was changing their habits, 59 percent indicated they plan to buy fewer items and 52 percent are more actively pursuing sales and using coupons.

While Democrats fancy themselves champions of the poor, Biden’s price hike is sticking it to those families exponentially worse this Christmas.

“Unsurprisingly, people who earn less money are feeling the pinch more than those who are higher earners,” Bankrate writes.

“45 percent of the lowest-income holiday shoppers (under $50,000 in annual household income) say inflation will change how they shop,” the outlet reports.

Those numbers go down as the income of those surveyed goes up – 41 percent who make between $50,000 and $79,999, 33 percent who make between $80,000 and $99,999, and 34 percent who make $100,000 or more.

Everybody is suffering, but nobody more so than those who have less. Ol’ Ebenezer Scrooge has nothing on this President.

At this point, Americans suffering due to the Biden administration’s economic policies are practically a holiday tradition.

The Political Insider reported just last month that some families were being forced to replace traditional turkey dinners with “other proteins such as ham, beef short ribs, and roasts,” while still others would need to switch to lighter food items such as soup, salad, or even pizza.

Prior to the midterms, Democrats were remarkably advising struggling families to tighten up their finances and start eating Chef Boyardee.

They want you to eat Chef Boyardee for Christmas!

Gone are the days when the White House was bragging about Fourth of July cookout savings at a rate of 16 cents.

Don’t worry though – While you’re purchasing fewer gifts and dishing out Chef Boyardee at your Christmas dinner, President Biden was recently able to dine on Maine lobsters and caviar with some of his closest friends.

It’s the giving season though, and taxpayers are giving so Biden and his pals can live a lavish lifestyle. In return, he’s giving you something too – higher bills, less money in your wallet, and unburdening you of the stress of Christmas shopping.

Truly the Christmas spirit on all sides.

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