After Biden’s Press Secretary Psaki “Circled Back”, Press Secretary KJP “Doesn’t Have Anything”


The Biden Press Secretaries have “circled back” and they “have nothing”.

Biden’s first Press Secretary Jen Psaki took a beating in having to answer simple questions from the press.

To defend Biden’s insanity and destruction of America was a difficult job, even in front of a biased-far-left press.

The one answer she often ended up with was, “I’ll have to circle back”.

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Of course, she never did.

Psaki was replaced by new Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.  She too is unable to answer the common sense questions from the admiring press.  Her standard reply is that she just “doesn’t have anything”.

In summary – The Biden Press Secretaries have had to circle back and they just don’t have anything. 


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