Activist Groups Break Deal With Twitter Boss Elon Musk


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In a tweet on Tuesday, Nov. 22, Musk claimed that a coalition of activist groups negotiated a deal with him not to make any content decisions, including the unbanning of any accounts. Musk says, “They broke the deal.”

A Twitter user recently reminded Musk of a tweet he had made on October 28th about not unbanning anyone before forming a moderation council.

“Twitter will be forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints.

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No major content decisions or account reinstatement will happen before that council convenes.”

A few days after this announcement, on November 2nd, Musk shared:
“Twitter’s content moderation council will include representatives with widely divergent views, which will certainly include the civil rights community and groups who face hate-fueled violence.”

Elon’s reply to this reminder was blunt.
“A large coalition of political/social activist groups agreed not to try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition.

They broke the deal.”

Back on November 4th, Musk promised “A thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues.” in response to a tweet former Chief Counsel for Nominations, Mike Davis, had made.
“Dear @elonmusk:

You have nearly 114,000,000 Twitter followers.

Name and shame the advertisers who are succumbing to the advertiser boycotts.

So we can counter-boycott them.

And get your $8 monthly subscription going asap.

So we can start to makeup for lost revenue now.

It appears the actions taken by the activists prompted Elon to start unbanning the President and many others that were blocked including The Babylon Bee, whose banning may have instigated the purchase of Twitter to start with.

On November 23rd, Musk let his rapidly growing 118 million followers know:
“The more I learn, the worse it gets. The world should know the truth of what has been happening at Twitter.

Transparency will earn the trust of the people.”


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