25-Year-Old Congressman-Elect Says He Was Denied Apartment Because of ‘Really Bad Credit’


Oh those poor Gen-Zers! It’s all fun and games until real life starts smacking you around. Apparently, that is what is happening to Congressman-elect Maxwell Alejandro Frost. Frost was elected to Congress last month to represent Florida’s 10th congressional district, but he’s run into a snag as he begins his new career.

The young and idealistic newly elected progressive congressman like many others will need a place to live while staying in the most powerful city on earth, so Frost set out in the nation’s capital to do a little apartment hunting.

Well, he did find an apartment, but there was a hitch. Frost told his potential landlord that he had “really bad credit.” The landlord assured him it would be fine. So he filled out the application and paid the fee. Turns out it all wasn’t fine. Frost was denied the apartment and lost the application fee as well. 

Frost did have an explanation as to why his credit was so bad. He said he accrued a lot of credit card debt. As many of us know, that’s not a good thing to do when you are young. How did he accrue those credit card bills? Running for congress for a year and a half. Ironic, right?

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Trouble With Life

We all know that one person who makes bad decisions, which causes them obviously bad results. Those bad results cause them to make more bad decisions. Frost campaigned on things like ending mass incarceration, demilitarizing the police, and abolishing the death penalty. 

Even most idealistic young progressives, when they are not hanging around Starbuck’s complaining about how capitalism sucks, have to think about mundane things like having a job and paying bills, or as most of us would call it, everyday life.

Should Frost maybe have concluded that, if he wanted to run for Congress, maybe he should have held fundraisers? Or maybe pushed that run off a few years until he was more financially stable? A report from The Hill describes Frost as a “community organizer” which doesn’t seem to be a career path known for bringing home the bacon. Barack Obama might have turned that into a lucrative job title, but it might not work for everyone. Frost also worked as an Uber driver, but said that did not cover the cost of his living expenses.

Maybe I am so old I have officially become just like my parents, but it seems like Frost had options, and chose the ones that led him to the situation he’s in now.

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Gen-Z, They Are Special

Granted, Washington D.C. is an expensive place to live and work, but Frost could have done some research, which would have been really easy. All he had to do was to reach out to his future colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who made a very public scene when she was elected a few years ago about her own annoying housing situation. 

Back in July, AOC went on Instagram to tell people how expensive and difficult it was living in D.C. (despite having a massive salary as a freshman lawmaker). It’s hard, and that meager $174,000 a year provided by taxpayers well, it doesn’t get her that far in Washington or New York City. Then again, AOC might have left out the part about renting an apartment in one of the priciest areas of Washington, and driving a Tesla that on average costs between $48,000 and $60,000.

Frost’s campaign website does talk about affordable housing. It’s always good when an issue can hit home for an elected official. Maybe he can bring the fight to Washington.

It didn’t start with Gen-Zers, but it has certainly trickled down to them. They have been told how “special” they are their whole lives. They have been given trophies, certificates, and awards, just for showing up. Eventually, real life kicks in, and all of a sudden, no one is telling them they are special anymore.

In the Bizarro world of Washington D.C., you just know that Maxwell Alejandro Frost is going to end up on the budget committee.

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