The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription review: Getting real about sleep


Everyone needs great sleep, but this is tough in a world where other basic needs – like earning a living – jockey for position. Luckily, The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription has new ideas about how to be pragmatic about sleep


7 December 2022

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Our lives often don’t allow for a full eight hours of sleep

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The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription

Aric Prather

Penguin Life (out now)

Essential, yet for many elusive; simple, but of endless fascination. Another paradox of sleep is that, though we might not be getting enough of it at night, we can’t get enough of reading about it. Books about how to get more and better shuteye – and warnings of the ills we bring upon ourselves if we don’t – are the blockbusters of popular non-fiction, flying off the shelves and …


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