McCarthy Tells January 6 Committee to Preserve Their Documents for Coming Investigation


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson telling the panel to preserve their documents, an indication a GOP-controlled House will investigate the partisan group’s work.

“It is imperative that all information collected be preserved not just for institutional prerogatives but for transparency to the American people,” McCarthy said in the letter.

“The American people have a right to know that the allegations you have made are supported by the facts and to be able to view the transcripts.”

Thompson responded by telling reporters that the information would not only be preserved but also “made available to the public.”

The Democrat Representative has said all transcripts of interviews would be available around Christmas, while the committee has suggested their final report would focus predominantly on former President Donald Trump, rather than the failures of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

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Kevin McCarthy: Republicans May Investigate January 6 Committee

Kevin McCarthy’s suggestion that the GOP will investigate the highly-partisan January 6 committee is certainly applauded.

Since the panel reportedly intends to bury the law enforcement failures aspect of the investigation, it would be nice to have a counter-group look into how the FBI managed to insert numerous informants into the groups planning to protest at the Capitol but still somehow managed to avoid putting a stop to it.

It would be nice to see an investigation into why and how the committee was able to push debunked conspiracy theories and doctored evidence.

It would be nice.

But after years of watching feckless Republicans conduct an ultimately unrewarding investigation into the Benghazi scandal, we’re not hopeful.

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Will They Really Investigate?

Thompson teased McCarthy, saying, “The subpoena I signed for him to come and testify before the committee will be part of the record” they plan to preserve.

The chair of the anti-Trump panel also suggested McCarthy has little room for criticism considering he could have chosen Republicans to be on the panel.

“He had a chance to have members on the committee. So he had a chance to come and testify before the committee. So I think the horse has left the barn,” Thompson said.

But Thompson is lying. McCarthy did choose GOP members to be on the panel, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the recommendations of Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, two allies of the former President.

She avoided a balanced committee at all costs.

In return, McCarthy pulled every Republican pick from the committee. Pelosi would later add two Republicans in name only, Liz Cheney (WY) and Adam Kinzinger (IL), Never Trumpers who sacrificed their congressional careers by dancing like trained monkeys for the Democrats on the panel.

McCarthy’s play seems to be little more than an effort to placate hardline Trump supporters in his party, knowing full well he cannot lose support from Republicans if he is to ascend to the Speakership when his party takes control of the House.

This is, after all, the same guy who criticized Trump and some of his most resolute allies in Congress following the riot, even suggesting their social media accounts be banned.

A guy Fox News host Tucker Carlson has described as sounding “like an MSNBC contributor” and “a puppet of the Democratic Party.”

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