“I Went After Drug Traffickers…You are Vote Traffickers”


Former New Mexico State professor and attorney David Clements destroyed the corrupt monsters running the Maricopa Board of Supervisors.  He correctly pointed out what they were in a short presentation today before these corrupt actors certified a non-certifiable election in the county (again).

Professor Clements, as he’s affectionately called, was on fire in Arizona today.  He drove all the way from New Mexico to be there for the people of the country, the state and America.  What he found was the same corrupt gang from 2020 was setting the stage to steal another uncertifiable election.

Clements knows more about elections than any one of the corrupt members of the Maricopa Board.  He’s traveled the country since the 2020 election, visiting with people and uncovering the actions corrupt actors like those in Maricopa County took in the last election.

It comes as no surprise that these same corrupt actors who have no qualms certifying fraudulent wins for loser candidates like Joe Biden or Katie Hobbs would do it again.

TRENDING: WATCH LIVE: Maricopa County To Certify Fraudulent Election Results

Attorney Clements knew this was the case.   He let the corrupt gang in Maricopa know that he knew their crimes were not in the dark.

Clements shared in part:

This is outrageous.  This is a national crisis and you’re giving people two minutes to address a national crisis.  And the way that you guys can just sit there.  It’s disgusting.  Watching you pledge allegiance to my flag was disgusting the way that you sold us out.  

You said that you don’t have the statutory authority to do anything.  You’re going to take a yes/no vote.  What does that tell us?  Yes or no.  If it’s just yes then why are you here?  Why are you here then?  You have discretion.

And when you certify something you say that it’s trustworthy.  There’s nothing trustworthy about this.  This is theater. It’s optics.

I was a long-time prosecutor.  I went after drug traffickers.  This is vote trafficking at its finest.  I’ve seen the criminal element.  You are vote traffickers.  You are a vote trafficker [to corrupt Elections Director].


What are you going to do about it?  You’ve sold us out… So we’re not here to be civil.  You’re worried about language?

We’re worried about our voices being stolen and never getting a fair election again.  That’s what we’re worried about.  So a curse upon you.  A curse upon all of you.  You smug, smug people.

You got another chicken barn that needs burned down Mr. Hickman.  Am I bothering you?  Because this election bothered me and you’re doing nothing about it…

See the video below:

May God’s justice come quickly, directly and in only God’s way upon all of those involved in stealing and then certifying the corrupt election(s) in Maricopa County. 


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