Democrat Claims Any Desire to Track Money Sent to Ukraine is Evil Russian Propaganda


One of the main promises made by Republicans was that they would make sure there would be greater oversight and accountability regarding aid sent to Ukraine.

While most Americans still support our continued assistance to Ukraine, a desire to make sure that taxpayer dollars are going to the right people and weapons are ending up in the right hands is something most agree on universally.

However, there was one Democrat in particular at the Reagan National Defense Forum that had some strong words about how he felt about the push for greater oversight, particularly in the form of an audit on aid provided.

Funny, while audits are never fun, I was always told that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear in an audit.

But I suppose this individual’s visceral response to an audit on Ukraine aid may be more rooted in the knowledge that our government is massively incompetent. 


You Drive Me Crazy

The topic of Ukraine aid oversight and audits came up this past weekend at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

House Armed Service Chair, Democrat Adam Smith, said that when people claim that the money sent isn’t receiving proper oversight, it “makes me a little crazy.” 

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The fact that this lawmaker can’t understand why the American people might lack trust in our government’s ability to make sure that money and assets are ending up in the right hands just over a year after the embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal drives me a little crazy.

Representative Smith breaks his feelings down into two points:

“Number one, the focus on that is part of Russian propaganda, all these stories about how the money isn’t being spent wisely.”

And his second point is:

“Second, Ukraine is spending the money really well. That’s why they’re winning.”

Well, in that case, we shouldn’t want to know details about where our money and assets are explicitly going? Our government is telling us it’s okay and that the Ukrainians are winning.

It’s not as if they have ever performed this same song and dance. But wait for a second; I remember hearing this not long ago when it came to Afghanistan and Iraq.

And for people with a longer memory than a goldfish, it was just a few weeks ago that the Pentagon admitted – again – that they can’t account for $2.1 trillion.

We’re supposed to believe they can lose trillions of dollars in our own government but that they can totally account for all money sent to one of the most corrupt nations on earth? 

Just how stupid do they think we are?

A Learning Curve

I’m at the point that it is almost comical how our government doesn’t seem to get that they have done nothing to build confidence in the American taxpayer that any of these bloated bureaucrats can handle the business of governing.

As I just mentioned, this year marks the fifth year in a row that the Pentagon failed its audit. 

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That’s right; the federal entity that gets the most significant amount of funding can’t pass an audit. And not as in they are missing a few printers or laptops, or the books are off by a few bucks here or there.

The Pentagon has no clue about the location of 60% of its assets. This year’s response is easily the best yet; apparently, they are using the Ukraine situation as a teachable moment.

A teachable moment for what? How to lose weapon systems and cash? Ukraine could teach a masterclass in both, given its history with weapons laundering.

Recently it was discovered that the Biden administration has only inspected 10% of the 22,000 weapons worth roughly $20 billion that have been sent to Ukraine.

So, yeah, Mr. Smith, you’re right; who are we to question our government’s ability to do its jobs and know where the stuff that our taxes paid for is going?

Russia, Russia, Russia

The left is intent on shutting down legitimate arguments or debates by countering with name-calling and grouping. Don’t question how or where our aid is going in Ukraine, because if you do, you support Russia

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One of the foremost champions of Ukraine oversight is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who I have no doubt was Congressman Smith’s primary target with his comments. I get it; MTG does seem like the type to drive people crazy since she’s not one to back down.

She bit back at the Congressman, stating:

“So it’s Russian propaganda to demand transparency of where the American taxpayer’s hard earned dollars are spent?”

Yup, of course, it is. I’ve even been labeled a Russian propagandist for writing about people who want greater oversight. 

Ms. Greene’s audit proposal failed this week in the House Foreign Affairs Committee 26-22, with the Democrats saying that passing her proposal would signal that we don’t support Ukraine.

My response is that if Ukraine can’t comprehend that we can want to help them but also make sure our ‘help’ is being used for its intended purpose, they may need to look elsewhere for their aid.

It Doesn’t Really Matter

Unfortunately, even if an audit proposal goes through next year when Republicans take over the House, I fear it won’t make a difference.

The Pentagon and State Department aren’t well known for their cooperation with audits and inspections, as seen with the post-Afghanistan reviews that still haven’t provided many answers other than our government and military leaders failed miserably.

Senior Adviser with the Center for Strategic and International Studies Mark Cancian makes a great point:

“I think it’s reasonable to expect a high level of oversight and accountability. You have to keep in mind that most of the U.S. government can’t pass an audit.”

Is our government unable to pass an audit due to incompetence or negligence, or is it built into the system to necessitate a narrative we’ve all gotten used to accepting? I imagine it’s all three.

And while Democrats like Adam Smith are going nuts over the insane idea of greater Ukraine aid oversight, his counterparts are champing at the bit to track my small business transactions for a few hundred bucks in Venmo; they balk at the idea of monitoring over $60 billion that could turn into over $100 billion to Ukraine.

Glad I’m getting more government scrutiny than in a country known for illicit arms trafficking.

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