Classic 2014 Trump Tweet Hightlights Biden’s 2022 Foreign Policy Failure


One of the recent best things to happen on Twitter is the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s old account. Not because of any new tweets from the Tweeter-in-Chief, but because his old tweets are once again available.

While on a personal level I may not be a huge fan of how the former President conducted himself on the social media platform, his ability to merge humor and possibly to see into the future in a quick quip are second to none. He was even prolific with those thumbs of his before he was the leader of the free world.

Three years before his inauguration ceremony, Donald Trump summed up one of the worst excesses of the Biden administration:

“I hope we never find life on another planet because if we do there’s no doubt that the United States will start sending them money!”

Such a tasty morsel for us to chew on in 2022. Let’s dive deeper into this tweet and see how accurate Trump might be.

Funding A Proxy War

Since the start of the war in February, our politicians have provided a staggering amount of money and weapons to Ukraine in their bid to fend off and drive out their Russian invaders. So far, we have provided $68 billion, with another $37 billion in the wings waiting on Congressional approval.

As usual, we are the main contributor of funds and aid to Ukraine, supplying 62% of the total assistance compared to the rest of the world. The dollar amount alone is enough to make you spit out your coffee, but when you consider how long we will spend that money, it can make you feel dizzy.

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When Congress signs off on significant funding packages, the money doesn’t automatically get spent; it all depends on what it is that money is buying.

In the case of Ukraine, it’s a lot of weapons and systems that will take years to pay out fully. This concept is called an overlay, and we are projected to be spending this Ukraine overlay money well into 2030, regardless of when this war ends.

With the midterms over, the Senate staying in the hands of Democrats, and the Republican majority slim at best in the House, chances are aid to Ukraine will continue at the same speed as before. However, calls for an audit from both sides of the aisle on aid and weapons have the Biden administration breaking into a cold sweat.

Where Have All The Weapons Gone?

Democrat Representative Jason Crow from Colorado recently said regarding aid to Ukraine:

“The taxpayers deserve to know that investment is going where it’s intended to go. In any war there can be missteps and misallocation of supplies.”

That’s the beauty of war; it’s an easy excuse to blame the nebulous concept when weapons end up in the wrong hands – or money, for that matter. Allegedly the Biden administration has only inspected 10% of the 22,000 weapons that have been shipped to Ukraine. 

It’s not as if Ukraine is well known for illicit arms trafficking; oh, wait a minute… they are.

CBS felt that pain earlier this year when it had to remove aspects of its documentary on weapons going missing in Ukraine. But if Congress is going to audit, we ought to get to the bottom of things, right?

Think again. An audit on funding set to Afghanistan post-botched withdrawal has screeched to a halt. 

Why, you might ask? Because our State Department has publicly proclaimed its intention not to comply with the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, also known as SIGAR.

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Different Countries, Same Standards

Afghanistan has received $1 billion in aid since the withdrawal. One has to wonder what that money is being used for and who is managing that money, given that our old buddies, The Taliban, are in charge of the country.

A separate IG report found that the U.S. military assistance office in Afghanistan:

“…did not hold the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to account by enforcing the conditions it established to create a stronger, more professional, and self-reliant ANDSF.”

To help you connect those dots, essentially, our government opted not to hold our partners in Afghanistan to the rules we agreed upon, which led to the government’s devastating collapse in just 11 days. For those of us who actually were boots on the ground in that country, we were not surprised, even if our top brass were shocked sitting in the comfort of their Pentagon offices.

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You can expect the same is happening in Ukraine. History and, unfortunately, our government have a nasty habit of repeating itself.

Foreign Aid By A Different Name

It’s not just wars that allow us to make it rain American dollars in other countries. Now the climate change cult has gotten in on that action.

The 27th United Nations Climate Conference, otherwise known as COP27, concluded recently with the Biden administration agreeing to pony up $1 billion for “climate reparations.” Let that ruminate for a minute in your brain; I’ll wait.

Climate reparations are the concept that fully developed countries should have to pay poor countries that deal with alleged climate catastrophes allegedly due to our fossil fuel production. This is ridiculous, given that these same countries benefit from our technological and industrial progress thanks to other aid that they receive from us.

Talk about a hustle. But it doesn’t end there. China is considered a “developing nation” according to the COP27, so they aren’t required to shell out any cash even though they are the top polluter on this big beautiful blue orb.

You just wait; this will be the first step towards normalizing other left-wing spending sprees like universal income and slavery reparations. Trump had it right all along when he said about the climate change movement:

“It’s a money-making industry, ok? It’s a hoax, a lot of it.”

God help us if we find life on Mars. It’ll be a blink of an eye before we approve aid packages to the Allied Martian Defense Force in their noble quest to rid their red planet of the aggressor, who will undoubtedly be the Russians. 

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