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The annual Mid-America Commerce & Industry Buyer'$ Guide is published annually in October and distributed to over 8,500 industrial buyers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas and Iowa and is also available online. The current Buyer'$ Guide includes many area companies ready and willing to quote new business for you. Companies are listed by category to let you know what services they provide. An index by company name also provides a way to link directly to their main listing and find the information you need.

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In addition to the annual Buyer'$ Guide publication, the Buyer'$ Guide is online 365 days a year so purchasers have easy access to your information. The listings can include links to your company's web site and email contact information. You may customize your listing and categories to meet your company's needs.

If you would like more information about our Buyer'$ Guide please contact Colleen Lippe, Buyer'$ Guide Editor at maci@maci-mag.com, 785-272-5280 or download the Buyer'$ Guide submission form.

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